All About Support

Continued Support in My New Chapter

After years of extensive travel across the country, I’ve made the decision to retire from the constant movement and focus on my well-being. However, my commitment to supporting you, my valued customers, remains unwavering.

How to Reach Out for Support:

  1. Initial Contact: Feel free to call me anytime with questions or concerns regarding support for your sculpture. I’m here to listen and help.
  2. Follow-Up with Email: For detailed support, it’s important to create an email trail. This helps me keep track of your needs and ensure your shipping address is accurate. Please email me with the specifics of your request and any relevant details.

Understanding the Unforeseen: Life is unpredictable, as I’ve learned from having three sculptures involved in car accidents. I deeply empathize with the attachment you might develop to my pieces over time, and I understand how distressing it can be when something goes wrong. Just as it took persistence to acquire one of my sculptures, a similar persistence is beneficial when seeking support.

Team Assistance and Personal Attention: While I often have young, energetic team members in the office to assist with queries and provide prompt responses, managing everything alone can be challenging. Your understanding and patience are greatly appreciated as I navigate these demands.

Effective Communication: A phone call, complemented by sending photos of your sculpture, is usually the most effective way to communicate your needs. This allows me to see the issue firsthand and provide the most accurate assistance.

Remember, no matter the issue, I am dedicated to ensuring your sculpture remains a source of joy and pride in your space. Your satisfaction and the continued beauty of your artwork are my top priorities.