Moving your sculpture

If you’re planning to move and wish to take your sculpture with you, it’s crucial to allocate some time for proper preparation.

Please make a phone call to me before your move. This allows me to evaluate your technical capabilities and understand the urgency of your situation. I may need to return your call after reviewing your original order. Regardless of the instructions provided here, it’s imperative that you contact me before proceeding with your move.

For sculptures that include large glass components, typically around 7 to 8 inches in diameter, these must be carefully removed prior to moving. Such glass pieces are not only costly but also prone to damage during transit. Additionally, take a moment to clean the glass with soap and water after its removal.

In cases where your sculpture features a straight copper pole, it’s often easier to reach out via email for straightforward, strength-based moving instructions. However, one important tip is to take a clear photograph of the pole before moving it, as this might be useful later. Do not hesitate to call me for assistance.

It’s important to note that your sculpture should not be disassembled. It is designed to be removed from the pole in one piece. If you have any doubts or questions, please call me.

Remember, each sculpture is unique. While some of my clients have successfully moved their sculptures multiple times without any issues, most people will benefit from guidance. If you’re uncertain about where to place your sculpture in your new location, you might want to consider leaving it behind, possibly including it in the sale of your home. This is often a better option than having the sculpture languish in storage for extended periods. So, the key takeaway is simple: get in touch with me BEFORE you decide to move your sculpture.