Paint / Patina

The paint used on our vibrantly colored metal sculptures is engineered to withstand outdoor conditions for over fifteen years, even in very sunny environments. However, I have some older pieces where the finish isn’t quite what it used to be. While it’s possible to strip and recoat these parts, bear in mind that it’s a detailed and labor-intensive process. For example, sculptures from around 1999 or 2000 often feature up to six different colors, requiring the epoxy paint to be mixed separately for each hue. If you’re considering a refinishing project, please send me a few photos via email, and we can explore the options together.

Regarding the patina, it’s crafted to enhance its appearance over time. Ideally, it should develop and deepen, becoming more pronounced with age. However, if your green patina sculpture has sustained any damage, I encourage you to send me photos so we can discuss the possibility of reapplying the patina.