Need a Glass Replacement for Your Sculpture? Here’s How to Get Started

Unexpected mishaps occur – whether it’s lively playtime with your pet, an errant ball with your kids, or garden upkeep workers being less than careful, these activities might accidentally result in a broken glass cup on your sculpture. I am fully aware this can happen and am ready to help you get a replacement.

How to Request a Replacement Glass Piece:

  1. Contact Me: Reach out with your shipping address and provide some photos. These images should capture both the color and size of the glass piece you need to replace.
  2. Identifying the Right Size and Shape:
    • Large Pieces (7″ to 8″): These are specific to a few of my designs.
    • Most Common (5″ to 6″, G-5): This size is widely used in many of my sculptures.
    • Smaller Sections (4″ to 5″, G-4): Ideal for smaller areas of the sculpture.
    • Specialty Sizes:
      • Wide 3″ Disk (G-3): A flat, even piece.
      • Egg-Shaped 3″ (G-egg): A common choice in various sculptures.
      • Compact 2″ to 2.5″ (G-2): Perfect for tiny details.

I’ll assist you in determining the precise size needed for your sculpture.

Color Matching: Replacing the exact color of glass can be challenging. The hue might vary from the original piece due to the passage of time and the unique nature of each glass sheet. I’ll strive to find the closest possible match, but please expect some approximation in color.

Shipping and Handling: There’s a charge for shipping glass, reflecting the time and care required to craft and safely transport these delicate pieces. My commitment is to provide you with the finest quality glass for your sculpture whenever you need it.

Rest assured, your satisfaction and the integrity of your sculpture are my top priorities. I’m here to restore your piece to its original beauty with the best glass available.

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